The N.B.A. Finals begin tomorrow night and will feature a match-up between the Miami Heat and the Seattle SuperSonics.

Or, at least, that's the way I would have liked to have had it printed. At a recent trip to Safeco Field to watch a Mariners game, I saw a t-shirt a fan was wearing that reminded me of how painful the Sonics relocation to Oklahoma City still is for me.
The shirt read "Seattle Sonics: Undefeated Since 2008!"

It made me think about what might have been had the team not been ripped out of the Northwest after 41 seasons.

Now, with the Oklahome City Thunder having advanced to the championship round, I am faced with the reality that MY team - the first team I ever grew to love, the SuperSonics - are finally in position to win the Larry O'Brien trophy and I won't be able to revel in it.

My dad, who helped foster my love of sport, is rooting for them. I can't bring myself to do it. Especially after watching the award-winning documentary "Sonicsgate." It reconfirmed my conviction that I cannot and will not root for the illegitimate Sonics.


My brother, pictured at the far left, recently had a chance to get a DVD copy of the award-winning film signed by the movie's director (pictured at far right) along with former Sonic great Shawn Kemp.


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