Just as there are good and not-so-good players, television and radio broadcasters are not all created equally.

For every truly legendary "voice of the game" there is a wake of dreadful play-by-play and color commentators.  One website, appropriately named AwfulAnnouncing.com, is dedicated to putting such mealy mouths on notice.  And now, fans of the Seattle Seahawks are as well.

Will it have any effect?  Doubtful at best.  In the meantime, if you'd like to listen to the home team call on 1280-AM News/Talk KIT, the following is a few simple steps to pipe in Steve Raible and Warren Moon as they call the game - in synchronicity with your delayed television broadcast (Ed. note: These steps were originally published by Q Lazzurus on the website FieldGulls.com and have been slightly modified for this publishing)

Items required

Items recommended

  • Speakers to connect to mobile device (i.e. home theater system connected through headphone cable or Bluetooth streaming from smartphone to home theater system).

Steps to perform

  1. Start watching the game live and mute the TV.
  2. Open the Radio Pup streaming app on your mobile device and find and start playing the 1280-AM KIT broadcast.
  3. (Optional) Connect mobile device to speakers for better sound.
  4. You will notice that the TV broadcast is ahead of the radio streaming broadcast.
  5. Pause the TV broadcast during a distinct moment of play (i.e. right after a snap, end of a play, ref calling a penalty on Michael Bennett for offsides, etc)
  6. Wait for the radio to catch up to the TV broadcast by listening for the above event to occur on the radio. The radio will usually be about 1-2 minutes behind.
  7. Press play on the TV broadcast and the video and audio should be relatively in sync!

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