SAN DIEGO (AP) — Seattle Mariners manager Scott Servais kept his word to Edwin Diaz, matching the closer's flashy haircut following a milestone save over the weekend.

Servais had promised he'd get a styled cut similar to Diaz's if the closer got 50 saves. Diaz notched his 50th save on Saturday, and Servais sat in the chair for Diaz's personal barber Tuesday.

"I think it's looking fresh, man," Diaz told "I think he looks like the swaggiest manager in the league."

The hairdo includes a pair of shaved lines along each side of the head, coming to a point behind the ear before curving toward the back of the head. Not exactly a natural look for the 51-year-old Servais.

"I've got to get some sun on the back of my head, my forehead," Servais told "The question is for the national anthem tonight. It's a team rule. I'll just have to put my head down and grin and bear it. That's all I can do."

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