With four minutes left in the third quarter, Selah was clinching to a six-point lead.

It's a story that's been played out by Selah multiple times this year. Their opponent somehow finds themselves still in the game, only to get buried in the fourth quarter.

So what allows Selah to constantly pull away down the stretch?

"It's got to be our conditioning. (Coach Garza) gets us ready mentally, we're just able to dig deep," said Selah's third year guard Calvin Herting.

The mega gym at Eisenhower High School was packed to the very last row. Full of believers that their team was going to win a championship.

Selah has a tendency to crush those expectations right away. With all of Wapato's attention focused on the CWAC MVP Elijah Pepper; Elijah distributed to his teammates around the three-point line.

Calvin Herting, Zak Donato, and Noah Pepper combined for six three's in the early minutes. This gave Selah a 29-13 lead at the beginning of the second quarter.

"Wapato came out with a gimmick defense, and it caught us off guard. Elijah was getting double teamed, but he kept his cool," said Selah's Coach Tim Garza on his point guard's play.

With the support of their fains, Wapato wasn't fading away

A combination of finding their shot, and switching to a man defense pulled Wapato within ten points at halftime. Then within six in the third quarter.

"There wasn't any doubt that creeped in, I knew if we maintained our composure we'd be fine. We stepped it up on defense and kept moving the ball," Calvin Herting said on his teams adjustments.

The end result was another polished Selah performance where they limited the second best team in the conference to an inflated 61 point performance.

"Wapato was playing like there was no tomorrow. They've lost two times to us, and enough is enough. That's the type of attitude they were playing with," Coach Garza said on his opponent.

With all the talk of winning a state championship, the district title was far from lost amongst the players and coaches

"Winning a district championship is a team goal we've had since the beginning of the season," said Coach Garza, "it's a goal we've marked off, and now it's onto the next one."

Following the championship game, a traditional net cutting ensued in which each player got to keep a piece of the net. There was more than enough photo-ops to go around.

You're next chance to catch Selah will be in the regional round on February 23-24th against an opponent To Be Determined.

Coach Garza said his number one goal for the next ten days is to get his team recovered physically, including a lingering sickness going around his team.