It may sound like a broken record, “In the season of giving, remember the less fortunate”. That’s because it bears repeating. Especially with the hustle and bustle of our day to day lives. We can barely remember to take care of ourselves, let alone a friend or a family member. What about a stranger? You really don’t know what someone is going through, even the people that you DO know, and interact with on a day to day basis. That person you may say “hi” to everyday, may be hiding a need for help.

Luckily, events like this come along to help remind us of what is really important. Helping each other out and making the best of a situation.

Together “WE CAN” make a difference.

That’s the tag line on the flyer for the 3rd Annual Food Drive that is being put on by the Selah Police and Fire Departments. The departments are asking the public to help fight hunger with donations that will go to benefit the Selah Food Bank.

When & Where is the Selah Food Drive?

The 3rd Annual Food Drive will be held on two different days. This Saturday (November 19th) from noon until 5pm at the Selah Grocery Outlet located at 800 N Park Dr. Then a second food drive will be held at the Wray’s Thriftway at 121 E 3rd Ave. in Selah from noon till 5pm as well.

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What Can I Donate?

It’s a food drive, so you probably already know what is expected. Non-Perishable Food items like canned vegetables and fruits or canned fish and poultry. Dried fruits and vegetables and grains. Check out this list for more ideas. Of course, if you’d just like to donate cash, I know they can make a dollar stretch.

For more information on Selah’s 3rd Annual Food Drive, you can check out the Selah Police Department’s Facebook page.

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