After week 8 in the 2022 NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks sit at #1 in the NFC West.

The Seahawks, at 5-3, have the 7th best record thus far in the entire NFL.

Seattle Seahawks at #1 in the NFC West at Mid-Season

Who saw it coming? Well, almost nobody did. In fact, after the off-season trade that saw franchise QB and goody-two-shoes Russell Wilson go to the Denver Broncos for a motherload of players and draft picks in exchange, it seemed like Seattle was in for a long 'rebuilding' kind of season. Or so many of the experts, both paid and arm-chair thought.

I, for one, certainly can't claim to have known just how well the Hawks would be doing at the mid-point of the season. I don't think either Pete Carroll or John Schnieder did either. But, there is a method to their collective madness and it's obvious that they knew exactly what they were doing when they made the deal, and now things are paying off sooner and in an even bigger way than could have been hoped for. I was on record as having said to the negative nellies in the pre-season and during the first few weeks of the season to not panic, that Geno was very capable, and that this Seahawks defense was going to get better and surprise the critics.

What's Up Next For The Seattle Seahawks?

The Hawks take on NFC West rival Arizona Cardinals this Sunday, November 6th in sunny AZ.  The Hawks won the contest with the Cards earlier in the season up in Seattle and I anticipate another victory in the desert.

The Seahawk's preparation philosophy is to not overlook any opponent and play like it's a championship week, every week. So, they shouldn't look past the Cardinals - but get the victory and prepare to meet the struggling Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Munich, Germany on November 13th. Remember with the time difference, the game will be broadcast LIVE at 6:30 AM Pacific time. Listen to all the Seahawks' action on Yakima's home for the Hawks - NewsTalk 1280 & 101.3 KIT.

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