Most everyone that I know love's to watch the Super Bowl. Even if some of them do not watch football throughout the year they still party when The Big Game is on!   And a party would not be a party without Jello shots.  Make Seahawks Jello shots and impress your friends! Preparation time is about 2 hours unless you are drinking your product while making and then it might take a little longer!

You will need Lime Jello and Blue Jello.  Boiling water. Blue and Green food coloring.  A Pinch or two of sugar if desired in each batch. Pick a flavor of Vodka. In This case we will be using Smirnoff No 21 with Lime and Blue Jello with a drop or ten of Fireball (for a better affect after 5 shots)  You can also substitute Fireball with Everclear if you think that you can handle it!  You will need 30 small plastic cups with lids per batch that you make.  Finally you will need whip cream from the frozen section.

Prepare your Jello like normal and with the following........

  • 1 Cup boiling water Per Batch
  • ½ Cup vodka Per Batch
  • ½ Cup flavored liquor or schnapps or pucker per batch
  • 1 Small box jello (3 oz.) per batch

While your Jellos shots are in the fridge take your whipped cream or dump it into a large bowl. 2 bowls if you would like to colors (Blue and Green)

4 drops of Blue in one bowl and 4 drops of Green in the other. Whipped until smooth and it is the color you want. Put in fridge until Jello shots are ready.

Take the Jello out of the fridge and on the Blue shots use the Green whipped cream and visaversa.  Blue Green and White sprinkles are optional.  Also if you would like to make two tone Jello shots you will need a little longer. Fill cup up half way with first color and let set in fridge. When done, add the second color!

Have fun with my recipe and please send pics of the party!

Go Seahawks!

Idea and Recipe by Kelly West and Amber C.

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