A fun new pastime while watching our National Pastime has been trying to spot celebrity cardboard cutouts in the stands. A bit like "Where's Waldo?" for sports fans, if you will Recently we spotted Seattle Rock music icons Jimi Hendrix and Mike McCready (Pearl Jam) taking in a game at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. Last night (Sept. 16) another of Seattle's favorite sons, Bruce Lee, was spotted in the stands when the Mariners played the Giants in San Francisco.
Both cities can lay claim to the martial arts movie star and cultural icon. Lee was born in San Francisco but went to college at the University of Washington in Seattle.

We first noticed Mariners TV broadcasters Dave Sims and Mike Blowers adjacent to M's Hall of Famers Ken Griffey, Jr. and Edgar Martinez.

TSM/Todd Lyons

Later, when a foul ball went twisting into the seats, the unmistakable image of Bruce Lee appeared.

TSM/Todd Lyons

There is a fantastic new documentary on the life of Bruce Lee titled "Be Water". It is part of ESPN's ongoing "30 for 30" film series.

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