Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is "allegedly" considering a move to the New York Giants and I am UPSET ABOUT IT.

I refuse to let him leave. We've already lost Beast Mode to the Oakland Raiders. I cannot take another loss of one of my favorite Seahawks! Even my 7-year old daughter, Willow, loves Russell! She will be quite mad if he takes the leap!

This is the final year of his 2019 contract with the Seahawks, and his wife, Ciara, has expressed the desire to leave the West Coast for the East.

If he does move to the new team, I am no longer a Ciara fan! (I kid, I kid. No, I'm not kidding.)

Right now, this is just a rumor started by sportscaster Colin Cowherd, so until then, I'm holding my breath!

KOMO News, don't be scaring us like this!