There seems to be a bit of tumult in Seahawks-ville following the team's decision to part ways with Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

The Hawks superstar Quarterback Russell Wilson publicly stated that he was
"not in favor" of making a change there. He reasoned that Seattle was, for the better part of 2020, the top offensive unit in the NFL. The numbers support his argument as the Hawks set a franchise record this past season in scoring a franchise-record number of points.

Now Wilson has come out a said that he feels he should be included in the process of helping to choose Schottenheimer's replacement along with Head Coach Pete Carroll and General Manager John Schneider.

Personally, I thing a good, natural fit would be former Philadelphia Eagles coach Doug Pederson. Pederson is is a native of Ferndale, WA and is not that far removed from winning a Super Bowl himself. He could also be a an easy candidate to take over thehelm when Pete Carroll's contract expires in 2027, but that's just me thinking out loud.

Who do you think the Seahawks should persue? Does Wilson have the right to inject himself into the hiring process or should he simply leave that up to the Seahawks brass?

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