The latest incarnation of professional basketball in the Yakima Valley will certainly have some instant equity and legitimacy with the announcement of three major decisions made by the newly formed North American Premier Basketball League.

The league has previously made known that the club will be called the Sun Kings as was the moniker from the now defunct CBA days. The NAPBL also found a locally-based owner in Jaime Campos and now the team will be headed by not-so-arguably the most recognized and successful face of the former franchise, Paul Woolpert.

Woolpert, a four-time CBA champion in Yakima and son of college coaching legend Phil Woolpert, was announced yesterday as the club's head coach and general manager.

Coach Woolpert took some time for us today to explain where he has been coaching since the Sun Kings were last here, his top priorities, the last time he set foot on the court that bears his name at the Yakima Valley SunDome and the team he nearly went to work for just a couple of weeks ago that is halfway around the globe!

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