As a rabid Seattle Mariners fan, I have - and still do! - avidly collected memorabilia over the last 30-plus years. Some of my more prized possessions include auto graphed baseballs from Ken Griffey, Jr., Felix Hernandez and Ichiro Suzuki. I also happen to have a fairly large collection of bobblehead dolls on display in my house.

TSM/Todd Lyons
TSM/Todd Lyons

Now, I didn't buy or attend ALL of the games that these were handed out at. In fact, about half of them were given to me by family and friends who know my undying love for the team and will give me theirs when they have an extra, etc.

A few years ago, my friend Crystal Tatro was at SafeCo Field when the team handed out an Ichiro Suzuki bobblehead that had an functional and interactive hit counter on its base. I wasn't able to attend that game but was sore that I missed out on such a unique piece of memorabilia. Crystal was kind enough to give me one of hers and I have updated it ever since - even after Ichiro had moved on from Seattle to New York (yuck!) and now Miami.

Today it was with great pleasure that I got to adjust the miniature wheels showing that Ichiro had finally reached the 3,000 career base hit mark!

Arigato, Ichiro and arigato Crystal!

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