Necessity is the mother of invention, especially now in the pandemic! You are hearing so many stories about how the Coronavirus has impacted sports left and right. No matter which team, which sport, which ball is in play, this year in sports has been creamed! Trying to keep people safe, the easiest way to do this, is to simply remove the people. You've seen it in the stands, seats as well as on the sidelines. Well, an inventor hope to help out with the broadcasting of these games by creating a robotic camera to capture all the competitive action, with no operator needed!

Pixellot is the camera system created, and it is gaining in popularity, especially since it doesn't need an operator, it's cost effective, and it's helping prevent the spread of the pandemic. The camera worked great, almost. At it's first public outing broadcasting a Scottish Championship Soccer game via a live stream to season ticket holders, it was programmed to track the ball as it traveled back and forth on the field.

The problem became apparent when the ball traveled to one side of the field, where an assistant referee was standing. The referee stood there, with the beautiful bald head shinning bright, confusing the camera. Yes, the A.I. mistook the bald head of assistant referee for the soccer ball. It might be obvious to viewers, but not so much to the Pixellot technology. When it comes to the next game, we're not sure if they'll work on the the A.I. or ask the ref to wear a hat.


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