Most kids when they're 15 are on the couch playing video games and munching on snacks but not Trista Smith. She's getting set to compete in a worldwide competition for the World's Fittest Teen!

She's On Target To Be The World's Fittest Teen

Smith is a Richland High School student who'll head to Madison Wisconsin next week to compete in the No Bull Crossfit Games. She's currently ranked 3rd in the world for her age group but she's got her eyes on the big title of "The Fittest Teen On Earth".


Trista Smith competed against thousands of other hopefuls over the last year and will be one of 20 that'll be competing for the top prize.

The Top Prize Will Be The Title Of Fittest Teen On Earth

We got a chance to catch up with Trista before she heads out to Madison and she discussed with us some of the hard work and preparation that it takes to be an elite CrossFit athlete.

You can listen to her interview below:

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Trista has been a part of Crossfit since she was four years old and she's also an accomplished gymnast. Her workouts generally start at 4 AM in the morning and she's a student on top of that.

Crossfit Is A Way Of Life

Trista says that Crossfit for her is a way of life and you can generally catch working out at Kennewick's Fallout Crossfit.

I once observed Trista working out and it's pretty incredible to watch especially during "The Murph" where she has to wear a weighted jacket along with her timed exercises.

We'll all be rooting her on next week at the games!

The No Bull Crossfit Games will take place from July 27th through July 29th.

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