It's "Restaurant Week" in the Yakima Valley, and I couldn't be more excited!

Years ago when I was in my early twenties and on vacation in New York City, Manhattan (and Mayor Guiliani) was abuzz celebrating their 10th annual "Restaurant Week". The deal was, anyone could enjoy a prix-fixe three-course meal at nearly 100 of the fanciest restaurants in the borough, for the price of one "Andrew Jackson" money bill plus a penny ($20.01)! Foodies were able to dine and nosh at classic eateries such as Guastavino, Barbetta, and Nobu and other generally exclusive and expensive places.

Yakima is hosting its own version of the Restaurant Week concept ("Hmmph, well, it's about time!", I say, with hipster snobbery and aloofness). Enjoy special menus and menu discounts at nearly a dozen establishments.

I am pleasantly surprised to see that Birchfield Manor is on this list!

What, you've never been to Birchfield Manor? You are so missing out! (Yes, I know, I'm acting all fancy, but that's because...well, read the disclaimer.)

Disclaimer: I have fond memories of having two luxurious dinners at Birchfield Manor in my lifetime, including the time I went on the best date I've ever been on (and the fine cuisine and wine set the tone for that very romantic night with my special date)! The other time I dined at Birchfield Manor was when a friend hosted a dinner party with his old college roommates. There was about 10 of us and I can't remember much about the night, but we had a lot of fun, a lot of wine and ended up riding around town in somebody's limo! The meal was decadent, the friends were decadent (and crazy) and in case you didn't already know, I am all about the DECADENCE! Bring it!

I will admit, I didn't have to pay for dinner either of the times I went to Birchfield Manor (because the men who paid for the meals believed that a lady shouldn't ever have to pay for dinner, naturally). Even though I didn't have to cover the check, I know that both of those dinners (and the flowing beverages) cost a pretty penny! The old me would have felt guilty for a man spending that much money on me, but the new me is like, "Honey, why WOULDN'T he?!" Okayyy!

I said all of this disclaimer to say that I am pretty stoked I'm able to treat myself to a ($25+tax+TIP) dinner at Birchfield Manor on my meager budget, even though I will be dining alone.
Post Script: You should never let the fear of what other people will think about you being "all alone" stop you from going out and enjoying life, whether that road takes you to a new career, a new relationship or a new (or old) restaurant! Ain't nobody got time for feeling awkward, I only got the time to come here and eat!
For a list of all the participating local restaurants menus and find out how to make reservations, click here!

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