RENTON, Wash. (AP) — Despite urging from family members to seek a job in the real word, Troymaine Pope continued to hold out hope for an NFL opportunity.

A tryout with the Kansas City Chiefs in May didn't yield a contract offer. Instead, the former Jacksonville State running back returned home to Anniston, Alabama, far from the practice fields of an NFL team. Finally, he gave in and interviewed to work at a car factory.

Then his phone rang.

With injuries mounting early in training camp, the Seattle Seahawks needed help at running back. They gave Pope the opportunity he had been holding out hope for.

"They called me and I just like, oh man, starting broke down crying like it's a blessing. It was God's plan," Pope said.

Pope is trying to make his stay with Seattle a long one. He has been one of the unexpected stars during Seattle's first two preseason games. Pope rushed for 86 yards and a touchdown on just 10 carries against the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday night. He also scored the winning two-point conversion against the Chiefs in the Seahawks' preseason opener.