If you're a fan of pro wrestling you know who Daniel Bryan was, WWE champion, hero of the beards, and the people. Daniel Bryan climbed his way to the top at WWE even when top officials didn't want him to.

His road to pro wrestling took a heavy toll on him, sustaining real injuries from working inside the ring Daniel Bryan had to step away from wrestling for a few years. When he returned fans across the world we're happy to see their favorite wrestler back. Sadly it didn't last long

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WWE decided Daniel Bryan wasn't the right direction for the company to take and they worried his draw to the crowd would only be temporary and they would rather have bigger muscular guys take the reigns Bryan earned.

Not long later rumors began to circulate, Daniel Bryan would debut on WWE's biggest competition right now, AEW. All Elite Wrestling started as a smaller company that was quickly growing, grabbing new young talent from all across the world, not just the U.S.

Daniel Bryan shot down the rumors but then started reminding people his name was not actually Daniel Bryan, that it was a name. given to him by WWE to create a new persona around the one he had created in the independent leagues. He reminded people his real name was Bryan Danielson.

That seemed weird to some fans as most wrestlers keep their in-ring names and real names separate even if they're let go from the company. But now we know why Bryan Danielson told the world his real name because he would be using it when he debuted at AEW.

On his first time in the Ring Aberdeen local set his sights on Kenny Omega, who's called the best wrestler in the world, even being approached by WWE for years he still shot them down to be independent. Bryan Danielson wasted no time trying to put his name on the map at AEW and prove he has plenty of life left in the business.

Don't miss out on the next chance to see Aberdeen local Bryan Danielson Wrestle live on AEW. You can watch Bryan Danielson live on TNT Wednesday nights at 8 pm.

For more info, you can check out their website. All Elite Wrestling Website

Bryan Danielson Returns to the Ring for AEW

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