I’m willing to bet that my mom unintentionally started the term “Glamping”. I say this because when we were loading my family’s 1964 Ford Econoline van to go camping, my mom insisted on bringing some of the luxuries of life. A little television, a VCR (since getting a signal in the hills might be difficult), and, believe it or not… an oscillating fan. My brother and I would always joke about how mom would plug it into a tree. My dad was tech-savvy, and jimmy rigged extra car batteries with outlets so my mom could “Glamp” in style. Early 80’s style, but still style.

Glamping is more of a common practice in today’s world. The levels of glamp vary. Some people need Wi-Fi along with their escapism. Others may require a working toilet inside their tent. Whether you head to a resort-style spot with your RV that has more hotspots than the sun, or a log cabin with a fireplace that you can light by clapping your hands, you might want to check out these spots in Oregon.

5 Spots To Go Glamping in Oregon


5.) Big Rock Ranch

Located about 30 minutes away from Bend, OR. This glamp spot offers an incredible view of the Cascade Mountains and irrigated pastures, all from the comforts of your luxurious tent! Many opportunities for hiking and climbing are within minutes away.

4.) Water’s Edge

If you’re looking for more of a no-worry glamping experience, check this out. Water's Edge, located in Lincoln City, has a beautiful bayfront view and easy access to the ocean!

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3.) Heartline Ranch

If you’re looking to get back to nature, check out this site, located in Chiloquin, Oregon. Fun, wilderness, and Tipis!


2.) Boho Bell

Simply known as a Fairytale Forest Boho Bell Tent! It looks the part! Complete with a queen size bed, two fold-out couches, a kitchenette, a bathtub, and a rain shower. Located inside the Sunny Valley resort in Wolf Creek, Oregon.

1.) Nesika Beach

Located in the northern part of Gold Beach, Oregon, and goes for roughly 10 miles. The beach comes right to the parking lot. A fantastic view with whales (in season), surfers & everything else you’d expect on a beach. The main thing about this… relaxation.


What are your go-to spots for Glamping? Tap the App and let us know & we might include your suggestion next time!

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