Where were you when the Butler (Malcolm) did it? It was on this date (February 1st) six years ago that the New England Patriots rookie defensive back ended Super Bowl 49 with a stunning interception that still has Seahawks fans scratching their heads six years later.


That was the cry around much of the Pacific Northwest six years ago today (February 1st, 2015) when, what looked to be, a sure-fire Seahawks Super Bowl victory was suddenly, inexplicably, taken away from them when quarterback Russell Wilson threw a goal line pick-off with :20 seconds to play. Of course, that was, most likely, preceded by a collective, "WHAT?!?! NO WAY?!?!"

I distinctly remember exactly where I was when it happened. Do you?

I was hosting a Super Bowl viewing party at the former (RIP) Jack-sons Sports Bar and Clubhouse Lounge on 48th and Tieton in Yakima in front of a packed-out bar chock-full of (mostly) Seahawks fans.

It was SO unlikely, I thought that the play, which occurred on second down and goal to go, was simply an incomplete pass. I had turned my head away from the big screen TV and was preparing myself to watch the next play when my buddy said, "No... He intercepted it."

Here it is again as originally broadcast on NBC Sports and called by the great Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth:

Of course, the play has become one of the most famous (infamous) in the history of the Super Bowl and the National Football League.

Every time that the clip pops-up on my screen, I can't help but have to watch it... again. It's like slowing down in your vehicle when you pass an accident scene. You just know that it isn't going to end-up well, but you have to look anyways.

I STILL can't believe it even six years later.

Have you ever had one of those little white tongue blisters that are irritating and kind of hurt but you just have to keep on squishing it against your tooth even though it doesn't fell good? That play is the equivalent of that sensation for me.

Where were you when "The Butler" did it? Let me know and send me a message via our free mobile app!

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Rock on and go Hawks! \m/ \m/
Todd E. Lyons, Esquire

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