SALEM, Ore. (AP) — The Hillsboro Hops and Salem-Keizer Volcanoes temporarily stopped their game on Monday morning for what they called baseball's first-ever eclipse delay.

The game between the two short-season Single-A teams at Volcanoes Stadium was in the path of totality in the first U.S. state to experience the eclipse.

After the game got off to a slightly late start because the Hops were stuck in traffic, play stopped in the middle of the first inning as fans and players paused to watch the eclipse. Many players donned their special glasses and sat in the grass in front of both dugouts.

The Volcanoes wore eclipse-themed jerseys for the event, which was dubbed "Total Eclipse of the Park." The sellout crowd chanted "Let's Go Science!" at one point and cheered wildly when the eclipse was at its height.

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