PEORIA, Ariz. (AP) — Soon enough, Jarrod Dyson will be a vocal and emotional presence in the Seattle Mariners clubhouse. He's just working on getting to know his new teammates first.

Dyson has the credentials and experience to back up his history of good-natured ribbing, jokes and holding teammates accountable. A former 50th-round pick, he spent the past seven seasons carving out a speed and outfield versatility role for himself on the Kansas City Royals.

Dyson is a career .260 hitter with 176 stolen bases. He'll have the green light to take off when he likes, at least in spring training, and also brings 11 outfield assists and only two errors in 95 games from last season.

"It's just my personality," Dyson said. "I'm a big guy that likes to joke on people or whatever, once I get to know them. Being in here (with Seattle) is something different, but I'm all for it and I love it. I can't be shy around here. I can't expect nobody to come over to my locker and say, 'Hey, I'm such-and-such,' so I've to got to get up and introduce myself to the guys."

Dyson also has a World Series championship ring from his KC days, something not lost on the Mariners, who traded for the him in the offseason.

"It just means a lot of hard work paid off," Dyson said. "When I first got traded over here, I was like, I got a chance at winning. I watched these guys play last year and they missed it by a series or two. That's impressive, man."

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