New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera will surely be elected into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, but on Monday (May 13) he received recognition from another Hall of Fame organization — the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Rivera has announced that this will retire after this season, and as has been customary of respected retiring superstars in recent years, the home teams have been doing something special to honor them as they make their final appearances in each of the cities. In Cleveland on Monday, Rivera was presented with a Metallica gold record for their hit song ‘Enter Sandman.’ The song has been the relief pitcher’s walk-in theme as he’s entered games from the bullpen throughout his career.

The New York Daily News reports that the plaque was presented by the nearby Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. A touched Rivera told the paper, “I’ve got a gold record, brother. Without even singing, I have a gold record.” The presentation was made by Indians team president Mark Shapiro and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame president Greg Harris.

The pitcher told the paper, “I think it was well-done. Whoever thought of the idea of giving me a gold record with the song ‘Sandman,’ it was great. I appreciate that and I know it will have a special place in my house.” Speaking about the gifts given as he makes the rounds of stadiums this year, Rivera added, “It shows a lot of respect. To me, that’s priceless.”