The greatest Olympian in history got hot under the collar. Maybe he should jump in the pool and cool off.

When Michael Phelps returned to the U.S. at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, a crew from Good Morning Arizona was on hand waiting for him. Unfortunately for the viewing audience, Phelps was in no mood to chat and scolded the yutz tasked with trying to interview him by saying he wanted to be with his family and get everyone home safe.

After the reporter threw it back to the studio, the anchors then said Phelps is probably besieged by people all the time and we should respect his wishes for privacy, which is ironic since they work for an outlet that had no qualms about bothering Phelps in the first place.

Phelps left Rio with a record 28 medals in his career (although people may be more fascinated by his #PhelpsFace or how he single-handedly raised cupping awareness). So, yeah, there's a lot to talk about with him, but, come on, doing so in an airport isn't cool. No one trying to make a connecting flight is in the mood to chat. We only care about one thing -- getting to our destination, whether a world-class, history-making Olympic athlete or some poor schlub determined to get to the terminal and make it on to the flight to wherever he needs to be.

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