Since signing a 10-year contract with the Seattle Mariners four years ago, All-Star second baseman Robinson Cano has publicly stated that the city of Seattle - and her fans - are now his home.

200 million dollars can do that to a guy's attitude but when you read Cano's words in a recently published open love letter on, it is easy to believe that it is as much about the people and community that he plays in front of as it is the money or the game itself.

In "Robinson Cano: Me in Real Life", the native Dominican with that winning smile, talks about the culture shock going from his homeland in the D.R. to New York City and then to Seattle and how fans in the Pacific Northwest almost immediately embraced him.

He goes on to talk about his charitable foundation and how Seattlites have made him proud in their support. He equates it to the love of his daughter who was born in January and how the fans, like her, love him back unconditionally.

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