CLEVELAND (AP) — With Game 3 of the NBA Finals taking place tonight, LeBron James is dismissing the idea he's exhausted from guarding Kevin Durant.

After the warp-speed Golden State Warriors overran the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first two games of the Finals, with Durant averaging 35.5 points in the wins, one of the trending topics has been whether James is being worn down in trying guard the 7-footer.

During this morning's shootaround, James said: "Do I look tired?," adding: "I'm averaging a triple-double in the Finals. I'm pretty good, I would think."

The Cavs lost Games 1 and 2 by a combined 41 points. Cleveland was in a very similar spot a year ago, when the Cavs lost the first two games by 48 points, won Game 3 and then overcame a 3-1 deficit to win their first title.

The Warriors are a perfect 14-0 so far in the postseason, and they seem intent on revenge.