Yakima Valley College Basketball got a major upgrade to their class of 2018 after their latest commitment, 6-4 point guard Khyree Armstead. The Mountlake Terrace product announced his commitment to YVC this past Monday night via his Twitter.

Armstead's accolade's are stacked to the ceiling. Multiple all-conference awards, 2018 AP all-state point guard, and McDonald's All-American honorable mention. 1460 ESPN Yakima was able to catch up with Khyree Armstead, and get his thoughts on his decision to play in Yakima.

ESPN: When did you first hear from YVC?

Khyree Armstead: I heard from them mid-way through my [senior] season, they came to a game, and talked to me afterwards.

What colleges were you considering besides YVC?

I was talking to a few D1s, I got to talk to Eastern, I got to talk to Montana. And then I've been talking to a bunch of other D2s like Western and Central.

Why did you decide to go to YVC over those other D1 and D2 schools?

Because I know where I can play. I feel like If I'm just secluding myself down in Yakima, I'll just really be about that grind over there. And I feel like with two years of just straight grind, I can be on top.

What do you like about the YVC Basketball program?

Their offense. It's the kind of offense I like to be apart of. The way they play, I like it a lot, it's going to be the perfect fit for me. Coach London made it feel like he wanted me. Everyone tells you to go to a school that wants you, versus a school that you want to go to. And [London] really wanted me and he proved that; so I've just go to give it up to him for doing all that work.

How much did AAU, showcases, etc. help you in your college recruiting?

That helped me a lot, just because I really improved my game and throughout my senior year I was really killing it. So my phone was really blowing up this summer and during the season because of that. It was really fun playing in those showcases.

Do you plan on transferring after playing two years at YVC?

Oh ya for sure, that's my goal, it's been my goal for as long as I can remember. So that's my plan after a year or two at Yakima.

What will you study in college? 

I really like physical therapy, because it revolves around sports. People that don't get the opportunity to do certain stuff because of their injuries; I want to help them recover from those injuries so they can get back to their daily life stuff. But if I don't to that, I'll be in the NBA then!

What's your favorite moment playing for Mountlake Terrace?

The countless amount of wins, the accolades my team got. Just showing out every game I had, just being out there at the "Terraceum" with those Terrace guys, representing Terrace. Just doing all the stuff I did, all the crazy dunks, the game-winner, there's just so many memories at Terrace. I couldn't tell you the best part about it.

Is there any people you'd like to thank that helped you get to this point?

My dad. My dad has pushed me, we've been working at this for as long as I can remember. We really grinded, and we both know where I can be, so we're still going to grind. I've just got to thank my parents and coaches. But really my dad... Shout out to him for making this dream. He threw the dream out and I'm working for the dream.

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