We all know that sensation when watching a movie or TV show and a character mentions a date that coincides with our own birthday. We feel compelled to let everyone know it. "Hey! Thats my birthday!"

The same can be said when our hometown is mentioned. Kind of like when "Yakima" is an answer on "Jeopardy!"

That phenomenon happened yesterday when former Major League ballplayer-turned-TV-broadcaster Kevin Millar gave Yakima a shout out on the February 15th episode of "Intentional Talk" on the MLB Network. As it turns out, he has extended family that lives in the valley!

Because it was Presidents' Day, the always exuberant Millar was asked what current big leaguer would best be fit to be the President of the United States. He answered with current Arizona Diamondbacks player Stephen Vogt (pronounced: "VOTE"). Vogt and his wife have lived in Olympia, WA and, according to Millar, are now residing in Issaquah, WA.

Millar went on to mention that he frequently visits, Issaquah, Wenatchee and Yakima. Apparently, Millar's nephew, Shawn Heary, went to high school at West Valley. He once visited a Rams practice and posed for pictures as well as signed autographs.

On the show, Millar said, "That's my my man right there. He's close to Issaquah, Washington. I spend a lot of time up in Washington. Wenatchee, Issaquah, uh... -- I always forget Yakima."

Here is the segment as recorded on my crummy camera phone:


Kevin Millar

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