Best known for breaking hearts as Penny on ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ Kaley Cuoco is our Crush of the Day.

Prior to getting involved with acting, Kaley Cuoco was a tennis pro. After landing bit parts in TV shows  ’7th Heaven,’ ‘Northern Exposure’ and ‘My So-Called Life’ and playing small roles on ’8 Simple Rules’ and ‘Charmed,’ Cuoco hit it big when she agreed to be the lead female character on the CBS show  ‘The Big Bang Theory.’ She has starred on the show and become quite the sex symbol.

Kaley Cuoco Bikini

Cuoco once dated actor Johnny Galecki, her ‘Big Bang’ co-star, in real-life, but kept that dalliance quiet until the relationship had ended. More recently, the 26 year-old Cuoco was  engaged to Josh Resnik, a former bassist for the metal band Danzig. That engagement ended in March. Cuoco recently Tweeted out pictures of herself and a friend in body paint, a sure sign that she is ready to start having fun again.

kaley cuoco Body Paint

Meanwhile, with movies such as ‘The Last Ride,’ ‘Drew Peterson: Untouchable’ and ‘Psychotic’ in production, Cuoco may be looking to transfer her popularity from the small screen to the big screen. We’re sure it will be a smooth transition for this talented actress.


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