It's no secret that I am a dyed-in-the-wool "seamhead", aka, baseball fan and my team is -- ahem -- the Seattle Mariners. Of course I was excited when Major League Baseball finally made a return a month ago today (Aug. 24) despite the fact that I could not attend in person. Of course, I'm not the only one, thanks to The 'Rona.

The Mariners (who've won four our of their last five games, by the way!), like many other sports franchises, decided to recoup some lost revenue and also try to replicate fans in the stands by selling cardboard cutouts with the photo (tasteful) of your choise. The M's call their program the "Seat Fleet" and for just $30 bucks, your life-sized likeness will be displayed somewhere inside T-Mobile Park in Seattle when the M's play a home game. One cool thing that the club is doing that I haven't heard any other do is to send you the foul ball if your cutout is actually hit!

One fun byproduct of having to watch another season of losing baseball is "people watching" in the form of virtual fans. The other day, I noticed cutouts of two of Seattle's most legendary rock guitarists. There, "sitting" in the front rows behind home plate, none other than Pearl Jam's Mike McCready and arguably the greatest axe man of all-time Jimi Hendrix!

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My wife, son and cat have all uploaded our pics but haven't seen them during a game yet. Man, I hope I get to sit next to Jimi and Mike at a game!


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