You'll probably want to look in your basement drain following a Pittsburgh woman's now-viral experience that uncovered some unwanted guests.

Of course, you might think otherwise after you see the video.

'Monster In My Drain'

Melissa Ciccocipoppo owns a century-old home in Pittsburgh. Ciccocipoppo told Newsweek she recently took a trip down to the basement to inspect a floor drain.

With the help of a flashlight, Ciccocipoppo took what she thought would be a quick peek inside the drain. That is when she was greeted by what looked like a wiggling creature.

"WTF is this monster in my drain?!" Ciccocipoppo titled her post when sharing a video of the creature on Reddit. The post blew up with thousands of comments from people trying to identify the movement in the drain.

"This is all so ridiculous and it all started when I was doing a routine inspection in my basement and thought to myself, 'I haven't looked down that drain in the middle of the floor in awhile. I wonder if anything is going on in there,'" Ciccocipoppo said when sharing the story on Instagram. "And oh, OMG, there WAS!"

Why There Was Something Moving In The Drain

Ciccocipoppo found several people on Reddit who she believes were able to properly identify the creature... Possibly, creatures.

Multiple helpful commenters were confident Ciccocipoppo's writhing surprise was a colony of tubiflex worms.

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"They bunch together in colonies like that, and are mostly found in sewer systems," Reddit user RaxG commented.

While others suggested the worms were human hair or possibly something called "slime mold," Ciccocipoppo has settled on the worm theory. She believes the worms are "mostly harmless."

"It's equal parts terrifying and fascinating," she said.

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