I had no idea there was so much activity this month in the county fair world! There are a bunch of county fairs happening in Washington state during September 2023. Washington is going to be hopping with the excitement of fair food, carnival rides, and showcases of the best livestock and agriculture our state has to offer. Not to mention the other important needs that get met when we go to county fairs.

Our Greatest Demands and Needs from Going to a County Fair Include:

My favorite thing about the county fair used to be the rides. I loved the Himalaya the most!

WA State County Fairs in September You Don't Want to Miss
The Himalaya ride, Matt Jones on Unsplash

That was one kid and nearly 3 decades of getting dizzy ago.

Now I'm at the age where I've figured out why my pops never got on the rides with us kids. Ha!

When my child was a lot younger, I enjoyed getting on the kiddie rides with her. She's 12 and in the 7th grade now, so this year, I'll be begging her to take one of her school friends with us to the fair so that she won't have to ride alone. I'm officially too big to fit into the roller coaster! 😔

Okay, I'm back to feeling happy. I just made us a handy little list of all the county fairs happening in Washington for the month of September 2023. I'm definitely going to the one closest to me, the Central Washington State Fair. It starts Friday, September 22nd, and runs the rest of the month and ends on the first day of October.


1 . Washington State Fair

WHERE: Puyallup
WHEN: September 7th-11th

2 . Chelan County Fair

WHERE: Cashmere
WHEN: September 7th-10th

3 . Okanogan County Fair

WHERE: Okanogan
WHEN: September 7th-10th

4 . Palouse Empire Fair

WHERE: Colfax
WHEN: September 7th-10th

5 . Spokane County Interstate Fair

WHERE: Spokane Valley
WHEN: September 8th-17th

10 WA State County Fairs Happening in September 2023
The Zipper ride at the fair Elizabeth Villalta on Unsplash

6 . Othello Fair

WHERE: Othello
WHEN: September 13th-16th

7 . Garfield County Fair

WHERE: Pomeroy
WHEN: September 15th-17th

8 . Central Washington State Fair

WHERE: Yakima
WHEN: September 22nd-30th

Cotton Candy Stand at the Kittitas County Fair
Reesha Cosby


9 . Southeast Spokane County Fair

WHERE: Rockford
WHEN: September 22nd-24th

10 . Columbia County Fair

WHERE: Dayton
WHEN: September 26th-30th


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