Looking to make the best Christmas ever in 2022? Well, you might need a little help unless you're Santa Clause of course. So we compiled a list of the most popular toys being bought or that people are trying to find this year for Christmas.

Hopefully, this can help you help out Santa a bit by getting some of those toys off your kiddos this Christmas list and sticking them under the tree from mom or dad. All of these toys are available in Washington, they may just get harder and harder to find the closer we get to Christmas. Lucky for you we added all the links so you can buy them now if need be. So Let's Dive in, these are

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T Top 5 Toys Your Kids are Begging Santa Clause for this Year

5.) Mega Chomp Remote Control Shark

If you have a young kid around the house, this is the perfect gift for them. A remote control shark that they can bring around the house and watch chomp things, get ready for a wondrous fun cackle coming from your kid as they run around with their toy shark and beg you to bring it with them everywhere.

Mega Chomp RC Shark

4.) Crayola Ultimate Light Board

Remember light brights? Of Course, you do, sticking the little plastic pins into the board while it was dark and then lighting it up to see your creation come to life, well there's a new light bright in town brought to you by Crayola, a fun board your kiddos can draw on and light up a. with all the colors from the rainbow and more available they'll have months of fun with this toy maybe even years.

Crayola Ultimate Light Board

3.) Xbox Series X or The Playstation 5 

There's good and bad news for these toys, well obviously they're video game consoles and can be pretty expensive, but they're the gift that will be around for years to come. However, these originally came out in the year 2020 but were bought up by bots and scalpers, turns out there's no longer any money to be made in scalping these, so they're officially available in stores meaning you can get your hands on one with ease.

Playstation 5

Xbox series X

2.) Gabby's Dollhouse

If you have Kids you've heard of Gabby's Dollhouse, a huge success on Netflix with kids everywhere. Now you can bring home a piece of Gabby's Dollhouse, or actually the whole thing, with over 15 pieces of fun, they can enjoy the toy for years while watching their favorite show, this toy is flying off the shelves so get your hands on one while you still can and make it the best Christmas yet.

Gabby's Dollhouse

1.) Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball

If you've stepped into a retail store since 2020 you've seen these everywhere, the magical toys you have your kids mix sparkles and other fun parts into that create their new stuffed best friend. The whole part of this toy is the process of your child getting to make it itself. Obviously, it's already been made but it's part of the surprise and magic going into creating it that your kids will have an absolute blast with.

Magic mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball


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