Even though the stores are already jamming the aisles with Christmas supplies, it doesn't mean Santa can be seen riding his sleigh through the night skies! So what is pictured above? It looks too straight to be random stars. Plus, with all the light pollution we have in the valley, you barely get to see stars as it is.

So we know it's not stars, we know it is not Santa, Superman usually flies during the day, and we haven't had a Chinese weather balloon in a while, so it could only be one thing...the answer is obviously... Aliens!


Okay, no one is saying aliens, I'm just having fun. This is a really cool picture that Katrien Fry captured at her home in West Valley heading slowly north around 9 pm on Thursday (9/14/23). She shared it with Kevin Hobbs who uploaded it to the Facebook group WTF Yakima and asked if anyone had a clue of what this could be.

Weird lights forming a cross in the night sky above Yakima, Washington on September 14th, 2023
Picture courtesy of Katrien Fry

Of course, many of the comments pointed towards the comedic identities of these strange lights, but the more serious answers all seemed to agree that these lights are satellite, but more precisely, Elon Musk's Starlink satellite. Many from the area have seen them, including one fellow from Walla Walla who just saw the same formation disappear earlier in the evening.


Could it really be that straight forward? Or something more out of this world? Katrien attempted to get video, but if you've tried to film weird things in the night sky before, you know, they never turn out well. Lucky for all of us, this picture did! Thank you Katrien for taking it, and Kevin for sharing it! If you have any thoughts, Tap the App and let us know!

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