You think you love pizza! You think you’ve enjoyed the best piece of ‘za ever!

Well, you’ve not experienced pizza until you experienced it the way it was meant to be cooked… by fire!

WildFire Pizza is the real deal, and they know how to cook a pizza!

Fresh ingredients, heavy toppings, friendly staff, made to order and cooked the old-fashioned way using a wood-fired oven!

Don’t think of them as just another pizza place! WildFire also serves terrific burgers, sandwiches, salads, and more! Plus, the beer is always cold!

WildFire Pizza - tsm/Timmy!

A small mom-and-pop, veteran-owned business with ties to the Yakima Valley, they’re a staple to the community!

WildFire Pizza is participating in our Dining Deals!


Starting this Friday, July 12th, at 6 am, Tap the Station App and Seize the Deal to get a $25 gift certificate to WildFire Pizza for half off!

sandwiches with American flag toothpicks
WildeFire Pizza - tsm/Timmy!

Whether you’re new to the deliciousness of WildFire Pizza and want to try them for the first time, or you’ve been going to them for years, saving 50% on food is a no-brainer!

From the “Wild Fired Special” with their cheese blend, pepperoni, smoked ham, sausage, peppers, and olives, to their “Full of Bull” pizza with so much meat on every slice, or Their Cowboy & Cowgirl sandwiches or their “TBA” (Turkey, Bacon & American) sandwich, you can not go wrong at WildFire Pizza, located at 8501 Ahtanum Rd. in Yakima.

Check out their full menu HERE!

sandwiches cut in to halfs
WildeFire Pizza - tsm/Timmy!

Seize The Dining Deal with WildFire Pizza this Friday (7/12) at 6 am (while supplies last).

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