You've seen those police signs on the sides of the road flashing your speed.

If you're going too fast, red and blue lights start flashing. You'll get a smiley face if you're at the appropriate speed.

When those electronic reader board signs started becoming commonplace, memes started making the rounds showing people's "High Scores" along with their initials like arcade video games.

Now comes signs that can do more than just detect your speed but how distracted you are.

Popping up on roads in King County, Washington, are new electronic street signs that use infrared technology that can detect your driving habits.

These new signs are designed to detect everything from your seatbelt to holding a phone.

The new SmartSigns are currently in their test run phase, but if they work, one should expect to see this type of technology statewide and eventually nationwide.

According to King County's Target Zero manager, Sara Wood, the signs do not take photos or film anything.

They are using the technology to help make an impact on drivers who are distracted or not following the other rules of the road.

No tickets or citations are used with these SmartSigns. But only time will tell what the technology will allow and what it will be used for.

As of April 5th, two of the four signs in their testing phase were malfunctioning due to battery issues and a lack of sun for solar power. The company responsible for the signs (and contracted with King County) is aware of the problem and is working on it.

Do you think these signs will have an impact on distracted driving or, in their own way, become a new distraction? Tap the App and let us know.

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