In 2022, I wrote about how I single-handedly ALMOST ruined Thanksgiving one year. That sparked quite the conversation starter about people's own holiday mishaps when preparing holiday dinner for the family. You can read about my "Exploding Glass Stuffing" here and other tails of ruin here.

So how should you cook a turkey? I recently learned what it meant and how to BRINE a turkey, so in my opinion, I'm one step closer. As I'm still learning, i.e., my wife carefully explains what to do and then double-checks everything I do so another class explosion doesn't occur, then pretty much re-doing everything I attempted. I'm pleased to say I have not had an incident like in these fail videos (mainly because I'm scared to deep fry a turkey, watch, and you'll see why)!

I've scoured the net and found the best of the worst turkey disasters. Let me say that I hope everyone came out of these okay. Something like this IS NOT FUNNY... at the time. But some of the best ways we can move on from tragedy, especially turkey tragedies, is to laugh about it later and enjoy the gravy of our chaotic labor when they become viral. If you are the one who will be doing the cooking this year, PLEASE BE SAFE!

Do you have a turkey fail? Tap the App and let us know. We'd love to hear the tale and share it with our audience. & If you think the turkey fails are good... check out the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade Fails below!

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