It's not the first time that our nerdy fandoms have crossed into the jock rock world of sports. I have a comic book from the early 90s published by Marvel that introduced the world to the NFL's SuperPro, a football player turned superhero! Marvel wasn't alone in tapping mixing comics and sports. DC teamed members of the NBA with the Justice League in 2014 & 15. In 2024, the Mariners are NOT striking out when it comes to including some nerdy fandom.

The Seattle Mariners just released a sneak peek at their upcoming theme nights, and for someone who's more of a nerd than a jock, I'm way more excited than I thought I'd be.

"Join the fun at Mariners theme nights! A variety of specially-themed games occur throughout the season. Take advantage of the opportunity to come together with other fans who share your similar interests while also enjoying a game at T-Mobile Park" –

Each special theme night will include a unique item given away to fans who purchase tickets to that particular night's theme!

Several theme nights throughout the season put the spotlight on the Armed Forces, Central Washington University, Boy Scouts of America, Pet Dogs, Pride, Teachers, Nurses, and many more.

Two nights that jumped out at me, with my love for comics and sci-fi movies, are Friday, April 12th, and Wednesday, June 12th.

Seattle Mariners DC Comics Theme Night

Taking place on Friday, April 12th, is teaming up with DC Comics (again) to "celebrate the original trident king himself, Aquaman!" Mariner (or comic) fans who snag a ticket to that night's game (deadline is Thursday, April 11th @ 5p) will score a Mariners-themed Aquaman bobblehead to your figure and statue collection (while supplies last).

Seattle Mariner Star Wars Theme Night

Let's hope the Force is strong with Seattle all season, not just on Wednesday, June 12th. The Mariners will be taking on the Chicago White Sox, and fans who purchase a ticket (by Tuesday, June 11th @ 5p) will turn to the dark side with a limited-edition Star Wars / Mariners-themed "Dark Side" button-up shirt!

For more details on ALL the Theme Nights happening with the Mariners at T-Mobile Park, click here.

What do you think of these theme nights? What other 'themes' should Seattle include in their games? Tap the App and let us know.

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