For the record, I’ve always hated the term “Karen”.

I have many friends with that name, all of whom have been the nicest of people.

Since it has become, in many ways, a common platitude, we’ll just stick with it here.

This Seattle man poking fun at being a Karen is my spirit animal!

Many things in life are not real problems, but for some reason, people (who, I believe, are just bored) go around and make them into problems.

That seems to be the case in this video.

man on street, laying down with legs in the air. Laughing emojis
Reddit-bigkat206 / Canva

Allegedly, the man turned and drove down a private dock, and the lady was not having any of it.

You can tell in the minute-long video that he tries to talk to her civilly, only for that not to work.

He then puts on a full adult temper tantrum on the sidewalk.

You could say he was “out Karening the Karen,” and he did it well!

Check out the video below:

Whoever’s dad this is in Seattle, please tell him he’s my hero
byu/bigkat206 inSeattle

Posted to the Seattle Reddit by bigkat206 with the headline:

“Whoever’s dad this is in Seattle, please tell him he’s my hero.”

A vast majority of the over 50 thousand comments agree.

That back bending mobility was impressive” – lostboy005

“This lady and her husband are absolute MENACES. She yells at anyone that comes near her dock or her houseboat.” – TenaciousTide

“I love how her dog is just sitting there like he’s used to her causing scenes like this.” – ET2-SW

What are your thoughts on the video? Was the man in the right for how he acted, or should he have just walked away? Tap the App and let us know.

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