Visiting Yakima for a Day? Here’s 7 Things to Do

There’s nothing like good ole Reddit to help you out when you’re in a bind for things to do in a given city. Yakima is no different, and if you visit the r/Yakima thread, you’ll come across some good gems if you’re visiting Yakima for the day and want suggestions of things to do. Here are 7 things to do as suggested by Reddit user rnpowers. Each of them are great ones! 


1 . Hit up a restaurant/beer pub. 


Yakima has some excellent places to get a pint of beer and some food to go with it, like Bill’s Place, The Kiln, The Distillarium, and Single Hill Brewing.


2 . Float the River


Depending on the time of year you visit Yakima, you’ll be able to float down the Yakima River. If you head north, you can do some white water rafting in Rimrock, just a few miles away from Yakima.


3 . Be bouncy


The trampoline park at Get Air is not just for kids. Grown-ups enjoy jumping for joy there, too. Just remember to bring some extra $ for those special jumping socks they make you wear.

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4 . Swim with the little fishies


A great hidden gem in Yakima is the Rotary and YMCA Aquatic Center. You can have fun going around the Lazy River or skip the kid-friendly zone and head to the hot tub nearby. Bonus points if you ride down the Green water slide (I think it’s faster than the Blue one).


5 . Skateboard or Rollerskate


If you want to go roller skating, head to Union Gap’s Skateland and if you want to skateboard, there’s a couple of places I recommend: the one by the liquor store on Fair Ave and the one at Chesterley Park (near the aquatic center).


6 . Visit some flora and fauna


Reddit user rnpowers suggested this to someone as a great way to explore Yakima if you’re only here for a day. Check out the Arboretum, Franklin Park, or Randall Park for a great flora & fauna experience.


7 . Go to a nightclub


You can visit Hoops, like Reddit user rnpowers suggests. You can also check out Club 48, Avenida Cantina on Yakima Ave on the weekends, and Kana Winery on a Friday night, especially on First Fridays.

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