According to NFL insider expert Adam Schefter of ESPN and the NFL Network (via Twitter or X) Russel Wilson will not start the Broncos final two games of the 2023 season.

  Wilson will be replaced by a journeyman free agent

Wilson, who was traded from Seattle just over 2 years ago, was informed by Head Coach Sean Peyton, who then told the rest of the team according to Schefter.

The trade, in March of 2022, sent a slew of draft picks and some players to Seattle, including backup quarterback Drew Lock and TE Noah Fant, as well as 2 first-round draft picks, 2 second-round picks, and a fifth-rounder.

According to, it appears this is the beginning of the end for Wilson, who never really hit his stride with Peyton during his two seasons there.

Jarret Stidham, a free-agent acquisition by Denver, has been in the league 4 years after playing at Auburn. He has yet to see the field for the Broncos, his career numbers with New England and the Las Vegas Raiders are a 58.8 completion percentage, for 926 yards, six touchdown passes, and 7 interceptions in limited work.

According to

"The Broncos can designate Wilson as a post-June 1 cut and spread the hit out over two years, leaving them with salary-cap dead-money figures of $35.4 million in 2024 and $49.6 million in 2025."

Part of the reason Denver will likely keep him on the bench is if he is injured in the last two games this year part of his money for 2025 is injury-guaranteed. If he gets hurt this season, the Broncos are stuck with him, pretty much for good.

In his two seasons in Denver, Wilson has thrown for just over 6,500 yards, with 42 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. However, the Broncos' offense has not produced the results they hoped for when trading for the former Seahawk. Denver began the season 1-5, then won a string of games before losing 3 of their last 4 this season.

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Some experts believe if Denver moves on from Wilson, Stidham would likely be a candidate to start in the 2024-25 season.


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