I don't know about you, but this makes me mad as a longtime Seahawks fan!

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Seattle Seahawks Mascot Named "Most Forgettable in the NFL".

Hey, listen up, fellow 12s! So, I just heard something that's got me feeling a mix of disbelief and pure, unadulterated outrage. Apparently, according to some study by Sporcle, our very own Blitz, yes the Seahawks mascot, has been crowned the most forgettable in the entire NFL. Can you believe that?

Mat Hayward
Mat Hayward

I mean, sure, maybe Blitz doesn't have the flashy moves of some other mascots or the big national recognition, but most forgettable? Not a chance! For die-hard Seahawks fans like me, Blitz is practically family. He's been there, rain or shine, pumping up the crowd, leading the cheers, and showing off that unmistakable Seahawks spirit. Plus his interactions with kids and crowds at games are second to none. I personally think it has more to do with the location of Seattle (always forgotten is the sports world) and less to do with Blitz himself.


Blitz: Seahawks Mascot Since 1998

Remember when Blitz first spread his wings back in '98 at the Kingdome? Man, that was a cool moment in Seahawks history! And yeah, he's had a few tweaks over the years to make him more kid-friendly or match the team's logo better, but that's just evolution, right? He's still the same Blitz we know and love. And let's not forget about Boom, his "son" and trusty sidekick. Those two make an unbeatable duo at Seahawks games, bringing double the energy and double the fun to every game.


But it's not just about what happens on the field. Blitz is out there in the community, too, spreading positivity and making a difference. From the "Ready, Set, Goals!" reading program to charity events and even big-time games like the Super Bowl, Blitz is always there, representing our team with pride. So, yeah, maybe some folks out there don't recognize Blitz as much as they should. But for us Seahawks fans, he's anything but forgettable. He's a symbol of our team, our city, and everything we stand for. So here's to you, Blitz, the most unforgettable mascot in our hearts, no matter what some sports writer across the country says. Go Seahawks!

Paul Conrad
Paul Conrad

The full list of unforgettable mascots are:

Blitz Seattle Seahawks 44.90%
Chomps Cleveland Browns 47.70%
Who Dey Cincinnati Bengals 48.10%
Miles Denver Broncos 51%
T-Rac Tennessee Titans 51.20%
Air Swoop Philadelphia Eagles (inflatable version of Swoop) 51.50%
Swoop Philadelphia Eagles 52%
Taima Seattle Seahawks (live hawk, not a costumed mascot) 54.50%
Rampage Los Angeles Rams 55.40%
T.D. Miami Dolphins 57.70%
Freddie Falcon Atlanta Falcons 61.40%
Blue Indianapolis Colts 61.50%
Roary Detroit Lions 64.90%
Rowdy Dallas Cowboys 65%
Warpaint Kansas City Chiefs (historical, no longer in use) 65.70%
Gumbo New Orleans Saints 66.70%
Poe Baltimore Ravens 71.90%
Sourdough Sam San Francisco 49ers 72.10%
Jaxson De Ville Jacksonville Jaguars 72.80%
Sir Saint New Orleans Saints 74.70%
Captain Fear Tampa Bay Buccaneers 75%
Steely McBeam Pittsburgh Steelers 75.40%
Viktor Minnesota Vikings 76.60%
Sir Purr Carolina Panthers 81.90%
Toro Houston Texans 83.70%
K.C. Wolf Kansas City Chiefs 86%
Staley the Bear Chicago Bears 86.10%
Pat the Patriot New England Patriots 86.50%
Billy Buffalo Buffalo Bills 86.80%
Big Red Arizona Cardinals 87.20%
Boltman Los Angeles Chargers (unofficial/former) 87.50%
Raider Rusher Las Vegas Raiders 88%

Read the full story and see other league's most forgettable mascots at olbg.com.

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