For some, getting divorced might as well feel like someone you love had died. Well, it is for those divorced couples who never have to see each other again. If you have kids together and end up getting divorced, you'll likely be forced to co-parent with that SOB (ha!), whether you like it or not. In Washington state, the divorce rates have been on a rollercoaster. Some years, the rate is really up there, the next year, the divorce cases by county dip down a bit.


Fewer lovers + friends are getting married these days. This comes from many factors, including people not wanted to get remarried again because their first marriage was HORRIBLE. Then there's those who are postponing marriage until they can afford the wedding, or are too busy, or prefer living together to avoid giving half of their money and property in the event of a divorce.

Getting married is also not something people get forced to do anymore. My parents were one of the couples of yesteryear who were forced to get married. Many forced marriages end up staying together forever, but some are only staying because it used to be taboo to be a divorcée or a single person.

It's also no longer "shameful" to be a single person in their 40s and 50s. I'm old enough to remember when women would be called "Old Maids" if they were never married and over a certain age.

Then you have people like me, someone who yearns to be married someday but can't find their someone. That doesn't mean I don't snack on my popcorn and sip tea whenever I hear about other people's messy divorces in Hollywood. You would think their stories would be enough to make me swear off marriage altogether, the way some of those divorces get so nasty!


Because we're dummies, that's why! We believe in things like "love" and "companionship", and want to spend our lives thinking about and caring about someone else who happens to find us remotely attractive, funny, resourceful, and/or wonderful.


Top 5 Counties in WA with the Worst Divorce Rates

💔Yikes, we weren't expecting the divorce rates to be so high in a couple of these Washington state counties.

Source: doh.wa.gov


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