Reggie Jackson, the Hall of Fame baseball great of Oakland A's and New York Yankees fame, was known as 'Mr. October' for his legendary playoff performances.

If you're a fellow Seattle Mariner fan, we know that Reggie can rest assured that no Mariner is going to be taking that moniker away from him, this season anyway.

Seattle Mariners Come Up Short in Bid to Make MLB Playoffs

The Seattle Mariners went into the final four games of the season, facing the Texas Rangers at home, and likely needing to win all four games to make the playoffs, unless the Houston Astros cooperated by losing a few to the Diamondbacks.

Alas, the M's were only able to win three of four, losing Saturday night to the Rangers 6 to 1, and even with their 1 to 0 win on Sunday, they fell short of grabbing a wildcard berth.

Social Media is On Fire With Frustrated Mariners Fans

Social media is sizzling hot with comments demonstrating deep frustration among some Mariners fans. Many of these fans feel as though they've been let down time and time again, with the M's missing the playoffs for 21 straight seasons, until last year's break in the drought. As such, there were some very high hopes for this young Mariners team to build on that success this year.

Is it too soon to point out that Spring Training begins in February? Maybe. But diehard Seattle Mariners fans will brave the winter and come back to take another swing in spring. In the meantime - GO HAWKS!


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