Yakima Police were busy over the last week making 735 traffic stops during the ongoing emphasis patrols. The Officers issued 238 citations so a majority of drivers are getting warnings not tickets.


Yakima Police Officers are required to make 3 to 4 traffic stops everyday and the number of stops proves Officers are busy. During the week of August 10 through August 16 the Officers also saw ongoing red light crashes. They investigated 21 collisions with 9 drivers getting into a crash as a result of not stopping for a red light.

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It's an ongoing problem that many say has to do with the timing of lights in Yakima. City officials and Yakima Police just urge people slow down and stop when they see the yellow light just before it turns red. They say many drivers try to get through the intersections while the light is yellow and that's causing problems.


The crashes continue every week. During the week of August 3 through August 9 Officers investigated 34 collisions with 19 collisions the result of a driver not stopping for a red light.
Police are asking drivers to be careful when near at at the three intersections in the city that have seen a majority of red light crashes over the last 6 months.
The intersections in the city of Yakima are located at;

Nob Hll and South Fair Avenue.
Nob Hill and I-82 westside ramps.
Yakima Avenue and I-82 westside ramps.

Police say numerous red light crashes have been reported in intersections over the last 6 months. Police say all the crashes have been the result of drivers not stopping for a red light.

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