When you think about a sexy Airbnb stay in Washington state, are you imagining staying in a place surrounded by snow-capped mountain views, with perhaps whimsical looking bathtubs, and a deck wide enough for a quick morning romp (in the snow, mind you)?

Then you might be interested in seeing this home rental in Orondo.

Don’t know where Orondo is? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t know either. It’s a small town located about an hour away from Wenatchee. (If you don’t know where Wenatchee is, however, then you must not be from ‘round here!)

This Airbnb rental is called the Earthlight™.

Chase the rainbow at this sexy Airbnb out near Wenatchee
Hans via Airbnb

It only has space for two, so it’s designed to appeal to your romantic bone. It has a modern, sleek design, too, with luxury amenities that demand its $470 a night price tag.

This Airbnb is not available for Valentine’s Day and is booked quickly, so if you want to stay here before summertime comes around, hurry up!

There are other luxury sexy Airbnbs you can stay at here in Washington, like these two below (click on each pic).

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Mt Rainier Airbnb Rental
Shelby via Airbnb


Sexy Cabin at Mt. Rainier hosted by Nick

Packwood Cabin rental on Airbnb
Nick via Airbnb

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