Recently, I had fun exploring five cozy cities in Washington that remind me of cities in Europe.  (You can read about it here.) I daydreamed that instead of typing away at my office desk in the States, I could be typing away and working remotely from some beautiful locale overseas.

It's time to travel the globe!


A colleague suggested that it would be a fun idea to next explore how much houses cost for the same Washington state price point in European cities that I daydream of visiting someday. 

What a cool idea! 

5 WA State Cities With Homes for the Same Price in Europe

I was thinking about that little hobbit house in New Zealand where they filmed the Lord of the Rings movies. There’s a place in Washington state that looks almost just like it, and you can stay there through Airbnb. I wonder how much a house near there would cost.

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In the gallery of house price comparisons below, you'll take a journey overseas without needing to grab your passport. Dream along with me that we have the abillity to buy a house in places below...

There's a big city in Scotland that reminds me of Port Townsend. I am curious to see the difference in housing costs between the two cities below.

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Spokane’s famous arched bridges remind me a bit of Prague. Would you be interested to see below how much homes cost compared to each other?

The coastline of Ocean Shores reminds me a bit of a gorgeous cape I noticed in a picture of Nova Scotia. Ever wondered how much a house would cost you out in that Canadian neck of the woods? Find out below.

The last romantic European city I'll mention is in Italy. The beautiful vineyards of Alba are reminiscent of quite a few Eastern Washington landscapes near small towns in close proximity to vineyards along the Columbia Valley. Check it out below and see for yourself if you'll agree with me.

Feel Like You're in Europe with Homes in These 5 WA Cities

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

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