Can you live comfortably in Washington without air conditioning?


Well...the real answer is yes and no. Depending on WHERE you reside in the Evergreen State, it's about comfort and how much heat you can tolerate. Everyone's threshold is different. Personally, I love the triple digit heat we get in Tri-Cities.


However, I don't love living in my home without A/C during those triple digit heat days. I've already had the A/C on this year, and it hasn't been over 85° yet.

The hottest temperature in WA ever recorded was: 120°F at Hanford on June 29th, 2021.


That's too hot for me! Of course our A/C was running. Eastern Washington is known for its dry climate (hot summers and colder winters), abundant sunshine (very little rainfall), and lots of farmland.

Western Washington is known for being wetter than the East side.

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Western Washington is known as having a far wetter climate than the eastern portion of the state, primarily due to the effects of the Cascades' rain shadow. The average location in Eastern Washington only receives an average of 46.87 centimeters (18.45 inches) of precipitation per year,  whereas the average place in Western Washington receives 167.72 centimeters (66.03 inches). The average location in Western Washington gets 168 days of measurable precipitation per year.

So, do we NEED A/C in Washington State? Check out the discussion on Reddit:

Is AC needed here?
byu/LoKoChi inWashington

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