If you're going to get good seats to a basketball game, you'd better do your part to show you deserve it.

Don't be like this woman, who was a few rows behind the Hornets bench during the Hornets-Kings game on Wednesday. She was checking out the phone of the woman sitting next to her when an errant pass went into the crowd and bopped her right in the kisser.

We are slaves to our phones. For all we know, this woman was watching the actual game on the phone. Odds are better, though, she was playing Candy Crush or reading a text.

And while we can certainly mock her for not paying attention, one simple fact remains: she was at a Kings-Hornets game, which explains why the pass went into the stands. You don't see the Warriors or Hawks doing this.

So, really, the woman probably knew that Kings-Hornets is hardly a heavyweight matchup of Mayweather-Pacquiao proportions and that it's hard to get invested in it. Who knows, maybe she was looking to see if someone had bought her tickets to the Hornets' next game.

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