The folks at have listed the five players entering this year's NFL Draft who they expect to dominate at the Combine later this month. One of those players is the University of Washington's standout Wide Receiver John Ross.

Here is what they had to say:

"When watching tape, it shouldn’t take much more than a game to get a good feel for the speed of a player. When someone has that game-changing, 4.3-40 speed, it rarely takes more than a play. One deep shot to Ross is really all one needs to see to know his wheels move at a different speed than pretty much everyone else’s in college football.

That was evident in the very first game this past season, where with 3:49 left in the first quarter against Rutgers he ran a straight go route against cornerback Isaiah Wharton. Around 12 yards down the field they were in phase with each other. Twenty yards later, Ross had somehow created three extra yards of separation and was frolicking freely into the end zone. Ross’s 17 touchdowns were the most of any Power Five receiver, while his 18 broken tackles were seventh."

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