It was so windy in the Yakima Valley last night...


No, this isn't some bad imitation of an old Johnny Carson bit or a goofy question on Match Game with Gene Rayburn and his epic microphone. Residents up and down and to the east side and the west sides of Yakima were blown away by what seemed like gale-force wind gusts.

For my family and me, we had to hurriedly put on our street clothes and run out side to keep the cover from our hot tub from taking flight. While being pelted by copious amounts of dirt swirling in our eyes, ears, nose and mouth (we live in a housing development in East Valley), we attempted to keep the brick wall on our corner lot from becoming the contractors lost and found!

The photo above should give you an idea of how much and how big the debris we were taking on was!

*Note* My son pictured is 14 and stands about 5 and a half feet tall.

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